When I first entered the escort scene I was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and oh so naive. I had glamorous visions of dates at the most upscale hotels and restaurants in Florida, and being flown around the country to accompany business men for travel. Sadly, my dreams of the Hollywood version of escorting came tumbling down faster than the Berlin wall when I quickly realized “The Girl Friend Experience” meant something completely different to me than it did to the average hobbyist in this business.

When I’ve encountered the average hobbyist, I realized GFE to them was detailing a list of sexual services that I was willing and not willing to do, but mostly the defining line was rather or not I was willing to kiss. I would hardly call that GFE. I was even told by one client that I didn’t offer “true GFE” because I wasn’t into kissing. Did he ever stop to think that I just wasn’t into kissing him? I quickly grew tired of the appointments basically being the same. It became so mind-numbingly boring and repetitive that I considered quitting the business altogether, until one day I woke up and asked myself the most important question ever. Why did I get into this business in the first place?

Most people would think it was out of financial need, but that wasn’t my case. I had a thriving career in the financial world with degrees in finance to back them up, but I was miserable. When I thought about what truly makes me happy I remembered I love entertaining and I really love dating. Escorting seemed like the natural fit until I fell into the trap of doing what “I’m supposed” to do. That never works for me and so, I’ve decided to redefine what The Girl Friend Experience means when you book a date with me. Basically, treat me the same way you would treat a new lady that you were trying to seriously date. Just because our time together is “transactional” doesn’t mean that it must feel that way.

When you book a date with me you should be prepared to wine and dine me. If you can’t take me out on the town for discretion reasons, then I will plan a fabulous private date for the two of us. But it will be a date with proper date activities. These activities should include dinner, drinks, dessert (both kinds), and some other activities involving two people enjoying the hell out of each other. I prefer to get lost in the moment instead having to watch a clock to make sure you aren’t taking advantage of my overly chatty nature. My dates will be given a wide window so we can end when it’s convenient and not because time has run out. If that seems like too much for our first-time meeting then you are not the client I’m hoping to contact me. It’s as simple as that.

“But Chantel, you must do what the customers demand or else you won’t get any business.” See, that’s exactly what I thought, and it’s partially true. I’ve just learned to not give two shits what the “average” customer wants. I’m not trying to cater to every customer on the market. It’s my business, and for me to continue happily providing my services, I realized I must first be happy with my business overall. It is my personal opinion (since it’s my body and business) that my safety and sanity is more important than money and getting plenty of clients. Therefore, I chose to diversify myself so I can do what I want, when I want, and without compromising what’s best for me.

Now that my definition of GFE has been clarified feel free to book a date and know that I do not offer hourly rates.