Why am  I requiring deposits for ALL dates??

We see this happen all the time. A client sees a lady he’s interested in, books, and then (insert a million reasons) cancels on the day of. Most ladies have very strict cancellation policies, but I’ve found them to be useless to all of my last minute cancellations.

After being a professional companion for 2 years, I have collected ZERO dollars with my cancellation policy. All the naughty clients on my blacklist are from unpaid cancellations. These guys cancel and just move on to the next girl and don’t think twice about the inconvenience to me. This includes repeat clients that would consider themselves regulars. Maybe they found out about the new “it” girl. I don’t know and I certainly do not care. If you’ve found someone new then by all means book her, but try doing it before you book me, or after our date.

This isn’t just an inconvenience but it’s preventing me from other obligations I have in my personal and professional life. I only have one civvie friend that knows that I’m a sex worker. Everyone else just knows that I’m a business consultant (I really am). It’s not only next to impossible to make plans with friends and family, but it’s extremely rude and distasteful to let someone know that they were your backup plan.

Can you imagine this scenario? You attempt to make plans with your friend week after week, your friend says that she’s not available, but she then tells you the day of, or hours before, that she is now suddenly available. She does this almost every time you try to make plans with her! Would you want this person as a friend? The friend that treats you like an afterthought, and a backup plan just in case they have something else better to do? No? Neither do I! I’ve already seen my social life drastically decline over the past year due to my “busy” schedule.

As far as my other professional life, when I became a professional companion it was always my goal to provide this service as a side business while I built my non-sex work consulting business. Over the past year my client list has started to increase. When you book a date with me you are taking a spot from my other paying clients. Which is not only costing me money, but impeding the growth of my business.

I also enjoy many other activities outside of work, including traveling, concerts, and other events. I once missed out on a paid trip to one of my favorite cities because my Friday-Sunday was already booked with appointments. When all 3 appointments canceled (one was a no show), no one bothered to pay me for these last minute cancellations. I was very angry and made a more strict cancellation policy. This still didn’t deter some clients from this bad behavior.

Now, ALL clients (new or returning) will have to provide a deposit in order to be added to my calendar.

I’m well aware that this may prevent some clients from wanting to book me, but like most things in my life, I really don’t care. The clientele that I desire will understand and respect my needs. I truly enjoy being a professional companion, and I don’t plan to retire any time soon. In order for me to continue, I need to make my life easier and slightly more predictable.


My Discreet Solution

I have spent the last 2 days building a website, separate from chanteletoile.com, where I can take deposits discreetly. This website closely mimics my real business consulting site, so no one will ever think you paid for adult services. To keep this website discreet, it will only be revealed to screened clients that are ready to make a deposit to book the date. Clients will be able to make payments with all major credit cards, including prepaid gift cards provided by all major credit card companies.

Are you concerned about someone in your life discovering my discreet consulting website and contacting me? You DO NOT need to worry. Everything on my discreet site are real services that I’m really an expert in, and provide to my civvie clients. Anyone that contacts me will get real business answers to their questions. Did I mention this is why I’m an excellent date to networking events??