Do You Tour My City?


**Disclaimer: this blog post refers to my personal opinions, definitions, and business practices. Generalized terms will be used, but are specifically referring to me. This post is not meant to reflect the escort industry as a whole. Every provider is different, and you should follow guidelines according to their websites. **


Every escort has received some variation of this question at some point in her career, and guess what? Most of us, if not all, despise this question.

Here’s a few reasons why we hate these questions and/or why we aren’t touring your city:

  • Touring costs money – yes that’s right! Providers pay a lot of money when we plan to tour a city. We have to pay for advertising, transportation (flight, gas, bus, whatever), hotels, food, and other expenses related to us leaving our home base.
  • It’s a huge financial risk – Touring isn’t cheap, and if things don’t go as planned she could end up losing money.
  • It makes you look cheap – I know, no guy wants to hear it but it’s true. Most providers offer “Fly Me To You” packages. Asking us if we tour, or if we are ever in your city, basically tells us that you can’t and/or refuse to pay the FMTY rate. Outing yourself as cheap is NOT a turn on. The rates on these packages are calculated carefully to make sure there’s no loss of income while we are traveling to see you. Depending on your location, you could be the only date for the day. Some providers have multiple dates per day and she must make sure your one date doesn’t impede on her financial goals.
  • Your city may not be a good market for her – You could be in a city that she’s always wanted to visit, but after doing market research she learns that she would probably not have enough bookings to make the trip profitable.


To make sure that we are clear going forward, I’ve included definitions of touring and fly me to you:

Touring – when an escort pays a lot of out of pocket expenses to try to meet clients in a location different than her home location. You will not be the only client she is seeing, and she is trying to make this trip as profitable as possible. Any cancellations will hurt her bottom line, and could potentially cause her to lose money. Deciding to tour is a big risk for her.

Fly Me To You – when a client sees an advertisement for an escort that he is interested in seeing, but she’s not geographically desirable. This client is willing to pay additional fees to ensure he can see the woman of his dreams. She comes to your town only to visit you and leaves town after your date. She does not assume any financial risk for coming to your city to visit you.

Fly To Her – a very simple solution, you fly to her and only pay her local rate.


Now, because I’m a problem solver I have decided to add an additional option that is somewhere in between touring and fly me to you. It’s called Sponsor My Tour.

Sponsor My Tour – This option allows you to see me at my touring rate instead of paying the fly me to you rate.  With this option, you prepay for your date in full (2-hour minimum). This prepayment will cover all expenses related to touring your city. I will select 2 days to be available in your city that’s convenient for both of us, and you will have priority booking. I will need a minimum of 2 weeks to plan this tour. If for some reason the tour doesn’t work in my favor, I will cancel, and you will receive a full refund.

**This option is not available to all cities**


You may be wondering why I would offer a package like this? Well it’s simple, this option guarantees that I will at least break even if other dates aren’t secured. Obviously making a profit is the goal, but touring is a risk and I prefer to minimize risk as much as possible. This also lessens the chances that I will have to cancel a tour due to lack of bookings, which is a win for both of us!

Now that I have so many options available, please refrain from emailing me asking if I tour your city. If your desire to see me is that strong, you will choose one of my many options with no hassle.

Happy 2018!