About Me

Hi I’m Chantel Étoile!

 I’m originally from the beautiful French Caribbean island of Martinique. I now call Tampa home, but my craving for adventure often has me jet-setting around the globe. My travel bags and passport are always ready to go!  

I’m quite petite in stature being only 5 feet tall, but my larger than life personality makes up for it. My tiny waist somehow supports my naturally large, but youthful, breasts. I have long dark brown hair when it’s straighten, but medium length hair in its natural curly state. My skin is luxuriously soft and caramel in color, my sparkling brown eyes are an exotic almond shape, and lips are perfectly pouty.

I’m very sincere, sensual, attentive, affectionate, and delightfully seductive. My French roots makes me a passionate lover, while my Caribbean roots brings out the wild side.

My close family and friends often describe me as an easily adaptable, adventurous woman, who is overly ambitious and inventive, but very generous and extremely witty. My suitors have described me as a woman with an exuberant personality, laughter that’s contagious, and a smile that lights up a room.

I’m said to be adventurous because I seek out the fun in life. Exploring the world is one of my greatest passions. Rather its traveling solo to a new destination, trying new foods, discovering a cave or jumping out of planes, my thrill-seeking personality never leaves a dull moment. I love cooking, nature, music, wine tasting, operas, boating, race car driving, sporting events, and a multitude of other activities. I very rarely say no to having fun. I’m well traveled and very well rounded. I truly know how to enjoy what life has to offer. I have an outfit for every occasion so you shouldn’t be concerned when selecting activities for us to enjoy.

Being easily adaptable, you’ll never have to fear being outed if you are seen with me in public. Like a chameleon, I can blend into any social situation and have been known to come up with the perfect cover story on the spot. This makes me a perfect companion for discretion.

When I’m not on a date, my type A personality tends to take the lead. I’m usually hyper focused on one of several business ventures/inventions. I would never want correspondence with you to go unanswered. For that reason, emails or text messages may seem frank, but please do not take this personal. I am always excited to meet you or see you again.

I prefer longer engagements as this allows us to become enamored with each other, relax, and establish a genuine connection. I do give priority scheduling to longer dates and arrangements.

I sincerely look forward to making amazingly new beautiful memories with you. Let’s meet soon!


Chantel Étoile