What lady doesn’t love being pampered and spoiled?

Gifts of any kind are always appreciated and cherished, but never required or expected. If you’re the kind of gentleman that loves surprising a lady here are some recommendations below:

Amazon: is the fastest and easiest way to send me a treat. Just view my wishlist, purchase, and it will be shipped to me.  The best part of all, my wishlist reflects my personality and interests.


Any flower would be accepted with gratefulness, but if you want to really get me excited down there potted tulips are my absolute favorite!


Eating is one of my favorite past times, however please make sure any such items are vegan friendly. I would sure hate for something delicious to go to waste. If you’re not certain if an item would qualify as vegan you can always go with a gift card to Whole Foods.


I’m a bit of an exhibitionist but I love lingerie. The lace gets to me every time! I may not be a Victoria’s Secret model but I sure like to model lingerie like one.

My sizes:

•Bra: 32DDD

•Panty: Small

•Stockings: Small

•Garter Belt: Small

•Shoe size: 6

Dress Size: 2-3


Some days I’m in dire need of a spa day after doing all those crazy head stands and arm balance poses in yoga class. A gift card from Spa Finder is the perfect way to help me relax.  Or you can book us a couples message so we can relax together. I pick the later.

Other days I just need a nice glass of wine to relax me after a long day. A wonderful bottle of sweet German Riesling does just the trick. My favorite happens to be Relax Riesling. Go figure lol


My passion for travel is probably unlike many others. I’ll admit I’m obsessed. Anything related to me going to a new destination somewhere in this crazy world is guaranteed to get you something extra special.

Surprise me:

If you had something else in mind feel free to surprise me! I tend to prefer life experiences over material items, so if you’ve been dying to go sky diving but don’t want to go alone I would gladly enjoy that surprise with you.