Get to know more of me through the wonderful gentlemen I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Although I have a very strict no review policy on review boards, I do love hearing how much you've enjoyed our time together.If you would like future gentlemen to know of your enjoyment, please feel free to send me a personal email with your tasteful rendition of our date.

  • A Long Term Arrangement
    Mr. V, Florida

    I met Chantel almost 2 years ago on an arrangement site. I originally wanted a short-term sugar baby since I am married, but quickly feel for her. She’s charismatic, self-confident, very intelligent, beautiful but still very humble. We have a monthly arrangement, but she mostly accompanies me on my business trips because I don’t want to get outed in town. I’m a well-known businessman in my area so that’s always a fear of mine. However, Chantel is very discreet and takes discretion seriously.

    I also have a friend that has a sugar baby and sometimes we all travel together. We had an incident where I ran into someone I knew in the airport before she arrived. I sent her a quick text letting her know that I was compromised, and she told me to not worry and just keep in touch via text. I was very relieved that there was no drama like my friend and his date. Unlike Chantel, she’s not a professional and let’s just say that she wasn’t thrilled with being such a secret on a five-hour flight. Chantel was amazing! She didn’t even make eye contact. She arranged for us to meet at our destination after landing and no one ever knew they were with us. She even managed to keep the other sugar baby calm thankfully! I was expecting her to have a full outburst on the plane with the text messages my friend was receiving. Other than this incident, when in public we would appear to be work colleagues and save the affectionate attention for private, which happens to be a major turn on for her.

    I do wish I could keep Chantel all to myself, but she is a very driven business woman, and funding all projects with her companion income. There’s no way I could provide her with the income she needs without leaving a paper trail while I’m married, so I will have to regretfully share her.

  • Business Consultant and Companion
    Mr. D, Florida

    I met Chantel several years ago through friends, prior to her becoming a companion. We reconnected earlier this year when I needed an industrious finance person for various business projects. When I was considering who would be the perfect person to consult with, I remembered Chantel. I hired her to attend a large conference in my industry, because I knew her larger than life bubbly personality would attract the clients I was seeking, while her intelligence and savvy business skills would be taken seriously and not appear to be another hired promo model. The best decision I ever made! I closed several deals that weekend and I could tell Chantel was enjoying assisting in these business deals.

    When she confided in me and shared that she became a professional companion I told her that I wasn’t surprised at all. She’s a natural born social butterfly and it would take a very special guy to take her off the market. She should enjoy her freedom and make an income while doing so. I do enjoy having Chantel as a professional business consultant and companion. Even though we are in the same social circle, no one knows that I hire her for companionship. They think we are strictly business partners.

  • Finding A Life After Divorce
    Mr. J, Florida

    When I first got divorced I decided to have uncomplicated relationships and hired companions. At first, I was just focused of fulfilling my romantic needs, and admittedly was mostly the hour kind of guy. That was until I met Chantel. This unexpected ray of sunshine came into my life and made me realize I was seeking more than just bedroom fun. She was sympathetic to my bitter divorce drama and her compassion and affection always made me calm after meeting with divorce attorneys.

    After a couple brief meetings, I began scheduling longer dates. She is naturally chatty and so engaging that those one-hour dates flew by way too fast. I found myself wanting to talk to her outside of our scheduled dates and decided to book longer dates. When I can’t see her, I will book a phone date, and when I see her we either have romantic evenings in with room service or fun nights on the town. I usually ask her what she is in the mood for and plan accordingly. Since my divorce isn’t final I do have to be careful with showing where my money is going. Chantel happily takes care of all of our arrangements and I give her the cash. Looking forward to our next meeting.

  • A Worldwide Romance
    Mr. A, Texas

    I met Chantel when she was a webcam model before she became a professional companion. After developing an online relationship, she told me her plans to switch over to in person meetings because she loves dating. For several months I flew her to Texas where we spent long romantic weekends together. I had never done this before, so I was nervous when we first met, but Chantel has such an easygoing personality that any nerves I had melted away. I decided to take her on a one-week overseas business trip, so I wasn’t the only single guy. Everyone else was older (including myself) and married, but I had no doubts that she would easily fit in even though she’d be the youngest person in the group. She has an old soul and doesn’t act like a typical millennial. In every conversation she was very engaging, never texting or being on her phone. I gave Chantel the itinerary for the trip, so she could pack accordingly, and I tell you this woman has amazing fashion sense. The ladies in the group asked her about every single outfit she wore, and their husbands definitely stared. She dresses sexy, but with elegance and class while still being down to earth. I was the luckiest guy in the group by far. I don’t know how she does it. She came up with the cover story of how we met since we don’t even live in the same state. She was so convincing that everyone thought I was going to propose to her on our last night in the city during the firework show. We still share laughs about that story.

  • A Memorable Night on the Town
    Mr. J, New York

    I’ve had several dates with Chantel over this past year when I’m in Tampa, FL. One night I really wanted to have a night out on the town with my close inner circle, but didn’t want to be the only guy without a lovely lady on my arm. My friends do not know that I hire professional companions, so I was a little hesitant at first. After some consideration I knew Chantel would be the perfect choice. She asked me a few questions, so she could easily come up with a cover story of how we met. She’s good at it too! Chantel has a gregarious personality, but not in the obnoxious attention seeking “look at me” sense. She just has this commanding presence where she walks in a room and all eyes are on her. I imagine she was the girl in high school that everyone wanted to be best friends with. She’s very intelligent, super witty, and was immediately the life of the party without any effort. I let her take the lead whenever asked about how we met, and she sure delivers. After she flashed that bright smile followed by her infectious laugh, they were completely clueless to her true profession. Everyone always ask about her, but luckily, I’m focusing on my career and just tell them I’m not ready to get serious with anyone now. However, they will not be surprised when she makes another appearance.