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Which city, state, or country should I visit next?

Take me on a guided tour around your city?

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I love travel, exploring, and adventure! One of my goals in 2018 is to travel more, so you might catch me in a city near you. When you’re in need of a sexy, yet sophisticated companion that’s dressed to impress, look no further! Rather you are looking for some enticing arm candy or a romantic dinner for two, I’ll be sure to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience. 

The “Dinner & Outings” package is for the gentleman looking to have a beautiful lady on his arm for a day or night out on the town. What a fantastic way to meet me while I’m touring your city! This package is strictly for public outings only. For outings longer than 4 hours, please email me with details of the outing and I will provide you with a flat rate.

For companionship packages, any date longer than 3 hours must include a snack or meal. Dates longer than 4 hours may require a public outing at my discretion.

I offer an excellent discounted half day package for the gentleman that would like to be my personal tour guide.

I now offer a Sponsor My Tour package. This is a great option for gentlemen that request I tour their city. See here for more information.

**All reservations will require a $200 deposit**







Touring Rates

Dinner & Outings$300/hr
Companionship ~ One Hour$800
Companionship ~ Two Hours$1,300
Companionship ~ Three Hours$1,500
Companionship ~ Four Hours$2,000
Companionship ~ 12 Hours$3,000
Companionship ~ 24 Hours$5,000
Each Additional Day$1,500
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Sponsor My TourInquire