Hello Handsome!
You’re a man hanging on a decision right now. I’m a foxy, tight-bodied companion with a hyper drive of.. oh.. sensuality & the youthful energy you crave.
I’d say we’re a perfect fit, but that’d be too easy. As much of a pun as it is to say this- I do not like easy. I prefer a connection, some romance and a little tease with my wine.
Now, I am not going to tackle you upon sight. Maybe if we were long lost lovers, then sure, fine. By the way, if any long lost lovers are reading this, heed caution, I’m ravenous!
Let me fill you in on a few fun facts & then we can sort what’s what after – agreed?
Firstly, you should know, I’m five feet tall. You’re likely standing closer to six feet tall- great, don’t change that (lol)! I LOVE taller men & only being five feet tall means basically every man is considered tall when standing next to me. Your taller stature turns me on! You’ll see me looking up at you with a twinkle in my eye because.. well… 
So you’re standing – I’m drooling. Our date is off to a good start. Did you bring any wine? God I hope so, I love Prisioners red wine! If you haven’t tried it, get prepared to fall in love with it, or in the least, pretend to like it for me haha. Oh & look you brought flowers, tulips, my favorite! <3
Introductions are always a little awkward. Thankfully, I’m charming & cute as hell & if that glass of wine isn’t helping, my smile or the way my big titties bounce in my tight little dress will surely get your mind on track.
Maybe my dress is a little too tight. We can fix that. Now we’re sitting & chatting & I’m giggling to myself because you haven’t looked up, not once.
Fun fact number two, I’m good with my hands. I like to caress, massage & linger where I shouldn’t. This is an electric introduction between you & I. Do you recall being a teenager & the build up & excitement that proceeded your first kiss? THAT’S where I want to be. THAT’S the anticipation that drives me f**king wild!
Now… here we are. Me… all… and you’re… well… 
Last fun fact you should know about me – it only get’s better every time. You can bet on that!
Oh P.S. I also like dinners. Dinner dates really turn me on!


Chantel Étoile


You can find me at home in Tampa where I have a beautiful apartment dedicated to entertaining, or you're welcome to fly me to you (FM2Y)

Let's Make It Social

*Public Time Only - 2 Hour Minimum*

Tampa Bay – $100 per hour

Sarasota – $150 per hour

Orlando – $200 per hour

Let's Have Some Fun and Then More Fun

*Social + Private Time*

Lunch/Dinner – $1,500

Off the Clock – $2,000

Let's Keep It Discreet

*Private Time Only*

1 Hour – $500

90 Mins – $750

2 Hours – $1,000

Let's Extend Our Evening

Overnight – $2,500

One Day (24 hrs) – $3,000

Fly Me To You (FM2Y)

**Flight included**

2 Hours – $1,500

Lunch/Dinner – $2,000

Off the Clock – $2,500

Overnight – $3,000

One Day (24 hrs) – $3,500

A Quick Getaway

*Flight not included*

48 Hours – $4,000

Up to 5 days – $5,000

International Travel

Flights + Accommodations + $1k per day

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